On April 22, 2020, our club held it's Annual Scholarship Ceremony through Zoom. Click on "Read More" to see the full story, find access to the video, photos, and newsletter!
On April 22, 2020 the Rotary Club of Pflugerville members gathered via Zoom with our amazing sponsors and members of the Pflugerville community to award $36,000 in scholarships to 16 deserving PfISD High School Seniors! 
Consider spending an hour out of your day watching a video of our club awarding $36,000 in scholarships to 16 wonderful recipients on April 22, 2020! For those who missed our Zoom Scholarship Ceremony - here is the link to view through Zoom:
Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors! Thank you for continuing to support our club and our scholarship recipients. We couldn't do this without you! We appreciate all that you do!
Our Keynote Speaker, Jeff Coleman, gave a wonderful speech about giving back to your community. He talked about the great things the Rotary Club of Pflugerville participates in locally and internationally. He was truly inspirational.
To all of our members: Thank you! You give freely of your time to make sure that our club continues to succeed and you help to see our goals to completion! You all have such a wonderful passion for giving back and helping others, and we are so proud that you choose to call the Rotary Club of Pflugerville your home!
To our Scholarship Chair (Sue Hemphill), the entire Scholarship Committee, and our Scholarship Lunch Chair (Barbara Najera) – thank you so much for helping make this event so wonderful! You all did a fantastic job! You all adapted to our current circumstances well. You all switched gears and held interviews through zoom, conducted the meetings online, chose 16 amazing recipients, and put together a great Zoom Ceremony!
Visit our Facebook Page to view some great photos of our recipients and our Yard Sign Delivery! You can also view our Newsletter by clicking here!