2023 - 2024 Board Members
Nicholas Goettsche
Message from Nick: "My Rotary journey started with my wife, who joined the Rotary Club of Northwest Austin. I saw the good work that her Rotary club did in their community and decided to get involved. I joined the Rotary Club of Pflugerville shortly after we moved to Pflugerville in 2019. Little did I know that in only three years I would be chosen to serve as my club’s President-Elect for the 2023-2024 year. Rotary has inspired me to put service above self and to find impactful ways to support my community. 
I am a property tax attorney specializing in the funding of local school districts, cities, and counties. In my spare time, I like to make my own wine and play board games."
Angela Spencer
President Nominee & Service Chair
Angela has been a member of the Rotary Club of Pflugerville since 2020 and currently serves on the Board as the Service Chair.  She has a beautiful wife of 10 years and two spirited daughters 8 and 10 to keep her on her toes.  Angela is a small business owner where she enjoys empowering her team and giving back to the community.  In her down time Angela enjoys playing Rummikub, listening to Johnny Cash and laughing with friends around a firepit.
Casey Nall
Immediate Past President
I’ve been a member of the Rotary Club of Pflugerville for six years. I became a Rotarian about a year ago. You may ask what the difference is, and you’d be right to do so. You see, prior to my “aha” moment, I participated in events, committees, and community involvement that the club had a hand in. I paid my dues, became a Paul Harris donor and more, but still wasn’t a Rotarian. A year ago, something clicked. A realization that we, Rotarians, are special because we do some pretty darn amazing things. We have organized major international projects to help eradicate diseases, employed and gathered resources to help people in crisis situations after natural disasters, helped provide wells to people in multiple countries (including our own) who didn’t have water, and so much more. WE do great things together. I sat back and imagined the things we have already done in our community; park rejuvenation projects, hundreds of thousands in college scholarships, community participation, tons of volunteering at the food bank over the past few years, and help feed kids through partner organizations and hands-on efforts. We also helped organize water distribution for our entire town during the 2021 freeze. And then I imagined, for a moment, a world without all of that. That sadness, coupled with the instant gratitude for an organization that mobilizes people to do things, BIG things, that one person wouldn’t normally be able to accomplish on his/her own without the help of others… that's when I realized I was a Rotarian, one of those people who helps.
Jeff Coleman
Past President
Jeff Coleman has a long history of serving his community through varied organizations. He was Mayor of Pflugerville from 2007 through 2016. In 2008, Jeff was honored to be named the “Elected Official of the Year” by the Central Texas Section of the American Planning Association. He has been President of both Northwest Austin LMK and is a three-time President of the Rotary Club of Pflugerville. He is an active member of the Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce and was awarded their Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.

In addition to the Leadership positions he has held, Jeff has owned an independent State Farm Insurance Agency since 2000. He and his wife moved to Pflugerville in 2001 and live in the Falcon Pointe subdivision in Northeast Pflugerville. He has three children, one son-in-law and three beautiful grandchildren. In addition to his family, he considers his Rotary Club of Pflugerville friends to be among his greatest treasures.
Barbara Najera
Barbara Najera was born in Elizabeth City, NC and was raised in Kingsville, TX by her Mother and Step-Father, Ernestina & Guadalupe Vilches. In 2002, she met her incredible husband, Jesse Najera, and just 10 months later they were married. In July 2022 they celebrated 19 blessed years of marriage. In 2004, they moved up to the Austin area where the tech industry was thriving. Two years later they found their home in Pflugerville, TX. In 2015, she was invited to become a member of the Rotary Club of Pflugerville. Since joining, she has served in various roles including Past President, PR Chair, Youth Services Chair, liaison for Pflugerville HS Interact, and a member of various committees. Barbara is our current treasurer.

She is actively involved in the Pflugerville community, where she currently serves as the Chair for the Board of Adjustment for the City of Pflugerville and is also a member of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 154. Barbara’s biggest passion in life is working with youth to provide them with motivation, guidance, and leadership. From 2018-2022, she volunteered as the Camp Director for Rotary District 5870 Central Texas’ Rotary Youth Leadership Award Camp (RYLA). Since 2014, Barbara has served as a mentor through Seedling, an organization that partners mentors with children of incarcerated parents. She is also a past board member of Senior Access and the Center for Child Protection. In her spare time, Barbara tutors students in SAT and ACT English, Reading, and Writing. She is currently employed as the Production Manager (bilingual) for Mpact Roofing.

Message from Barbara “I think that finding a way to serve your community is important. No matter how you choose to serve! It feeds your soul and your heart in a way that not much else can. After I lost my Mom in 2011 and had my battle with cancer in 2012, it was like something was itching inside of me asking me to find a way forward to help others. Something was telling me that my purpose in life had not been found yet, and it was time to start figuring out what that purpose was.  Then I met one of the founding members of our club and she asked me if I wanted to come to a meeting. I knew nothing about Rotary at that time, but I agreed to go. Before my first meeting I went on a deep dive to figure out what this Rotary thing was about. After so many beautiful stories and articles about Rotary’s work in the world, something stirred inside of me, and I knew I needed to have faith in God’s plan for my life and go to that meeting. I am so grateful to that neighbor for inviting me - Rotary has changed my life. It gave me a goal and a mission; it gave me a purpose! I met my Rotary family and knew I was where I belonged. A place where I could use my time and talent to work side by side with like-minded individuals. Side by side with others who have a passion for giving back and helping others – while having an absolute blast serving. I think that’s the key – I am not just part of a Service Organization; I am part of an amazing Rotary family that comes together in times of need to do our part to make the world just a little bit better. I am part of a family that extends far beyond the borders of our Pflugerville Community, and I am so blessed to be a part of Rotary. I am blessed to be called A Rotarian!”

Sue Hemphill

Sue grew up in Minot, North Dakota, and went to the University of North Dakota to study Math to become a teacher. She started her teaching career in Houston, where she and Boyd could both find jobs; they eventually ended up in central Texas. Where they raised their two sons, Isaac and Caleb. Isaac is a submariner and Caleb is finishing up his senior year in HS. 

Currently, Sue is working at UT OnRamps as a Statistic course implementation coordinator. After 31 years in education, she will be retiring December of 2022 with plans to move to CO and find an encore career…maybe.


H Dale Woodkey
Sargent At Arms
Woody is the Head Spirits Wrangler of the Three Legged Goat in Pflugerville.  Following retirement from his long career in oil, Woody focuses his energy on serving the community directly and through a number of volunteer organizations.  He loves hockey and is a proud Canadian and member of the British Commonwealth.



Mike Behseresht
Mike grew up living in multiple areas of California and Texas, graduating from Bastrop High School in 1984. He attended Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls where he met his wife of 31 years, Blanca. After they married in 1991, they moved to Austin. Together they have 3 children, Drew 27, Daniel 24 & Lydia 18. In 1994, Mike began a janitorial business.  Blanca started helping him in 1998 and together they operated and grew the business to employ over 220 people. In 2022, they decided to partner with Pritchard Industries. Mike is continuing to work with Capitol City Janitorial, a Pritchard Company as they transition. Mike enjoys helping people and gets great satisfaction from volunteering to sow into his community. He enjoys coaching people with his business knowledge and experience or giving advice on personal relationships. He enjoys traveling with his wife and family.


Pete Tweed
Pete is a father and husband who loves serving his community.  Pete was born in Europe and has lived and worked in Asia, Africa, and the US. After moving to the US and a few years in California, he moved to Texas and found his home.  This variety in locations helped Pete understand that the world is a very small place and every community has people in need.
Pete works in technology, following in his father's and sister's footsteps.  Soon after starting his career he realized the real challenge is understanding how people work together in teams to achieve their objectives, and using a team's combined energy to serve the community in whatever endeavor they are focused on.  He brings this passion for service to Rotary and enjoys the camaraderie and friendships that are built by joining together to help others in the local, national and international community.